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How-To: Hussar Tank and Drip Tip from Steamtuners

If you are chasing for flavor the Hussar vaporizer is most likely one of the best vaporizers you can get today.

You can find more information on their homepage hussarvapes.com. As with many startups in the vaping industry, their homepage is not always up, and not to well maintained. Hence, I'm posting their facebook page as kind of a backup for you: https://www.facebook.com/HussarVapes/

As tasteful as every vape out of this miracle device is tasting, I never liked the look & feel. Whatever drip tip you put on top of the proprietary top cap, it just doesn't good. This is where the next magicians are coming into the game.

The Greek company Steamtuners is dedicated to develop and sell optimized tanks and drip tips. Their line for the Hussar is just outstanding. It just looks brilliant and it is making filling of your tank much easier than with the original top cap.

Be aware that you have to buy both the modified tank and the modified drip tip/top cap. You can get the latter in either a stainless steal variant or in acetal version.

The products from steamtuners are just awesome. However it is worth knowing a few tips and tricks for the best experience:

When I first got my steamtuner tank and driptip too tightly (perhaps comparable to how you would tight the top cap on, let's say a Kayfun 5). If you screw it to tightly the opening and closing of your liquid control will not work properly. But even if screwing it a bit less, you might still run into issues when you have to open your drip tip after some delicious vapes.

Due to underpressure in the tank through your liquid consumption it might become utmost unachievable to open the drip hit by hand.

What helped me is the following approach:

  • Liquid Control closed and drip tip twisted off.
  • Refill your tank with liquid.
  • Screw your drip tip slowly until you "feel" a slight resistance.
  • Screw it off a tiny bit again (really only a tiny bit)
  • Close your liquid control (this will slightly but further tighten your drip tip).

Now you will be all set up for a good vape, no leaking whatsoever and once you have to refill again, just close your liquid control again, and you will see that you can easily unscrew your drip tip.

Hand-tight screwing is all the magic for your best experience with this lovely mod.

Images above are copyrighted by Hussar and Steamtuners respectively, please find below a few picture I took and showing how beautiful this mod looks, even on a rather cheap atty.

Used coil: 5 wraps of 0,25 mm parallel wires of Kanthal A1 built on 2,5 mm diameter, ending up at 0,81 ohm, vaping it at 16-22 watt.